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Adrienne Blaine

Recording Artist

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Adrienne Blaine started singing at a young age. When she was ten years old she would sing “The Way We Were” for patrons at the Bonfire Restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. Her first paying gig. She received Fudge and Drink Umbrellas as compensation. Adrienne is a graduate of Oldfields School for Girls in Baltimore county Maryland and Towson State University. Her degree is in Public Relations and Broadcasting.

Ms. Blaine has been singing professionally since 1983. Adrienne’s mentor and inspiration has always been her beloved Grandmother who recently passed away . She believes wholeheartedly that her gift was bestowed upon her by God and her grandmother. Grandmother nurtured and supported Adrienne’s goals and dreams as if they were her own. For the past three years Adrienne has been singing across the country and overseas for our military.

As a Flight Attendant, Adrienne is well known by her peers and American Airlines as “the Singer”. One of her co-workers was working on a flight when he heard a passenger saying that they were working with an organization that produces concerts for the troops and wounded worriors. The Flight Attendant said, “Have I got a singer for you”. The rest is history. Ever since that day Adrienne has been performing for the troops.

Tony Orlando was performing a military concert event when he heard Adrienne perform the National Anthem- much to her surprise his response to her was that she was the best singer that he had ever heard. Adrienne had the honor of being asked by Tony to open up for his veterans show in Branson Missourri. Last April Adrienne travelled to Iraq with Gary Sinese’s Operation Iraqi Children. Performing in Ramstein Germany, Iraq, on the Eisenhower Aircraft carrier and the Vicksburg Destroyer was a life altering and incredibly emotional experience for her. For Adrienne singing and performing is not what she does. IT IS WHO SHE IS.

HUP Talent & Booking looks forward to working with this remarkable woman.


To book Adrienne Blaine, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


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