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Brian Gray


Chinese Iron Palm GrandMaster/Minister/Author and Speaker

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Brian Gray is an accomplished singer and world-renowned author who is passionate about all endeavors he undertakes. The son of a Pentecostal preacher, Brian began singing as a child with his family, themselves a touring gospel singing group. He learned to sing every part of every song, because he never knew when he would be called on to sing everything from solos to duets to trios, or to fill in with the entire family ensemble. Brian went on to sing in his high school choir, then spent two years (1967-69) in Erie, Pennsylvania, touring as lead tenor soloist with the Academy Concert Choir under the direction of Joseph Rugare. On to Lee College (1969-73), Brian then spent four years studying under various music professors, including famed tenor soloist and gospel singer, Roosevelt Miller. It was while at Lee that Brian found the all-Black gospel church, Inman Street Church of God, and became its only White member for five years. There, under the ministry of Reverend Poitier, cousin of movie star Sidney Poitier, Brian learned a repertoire of gospel music from the Black Gospel genre. He toured with Black Gospel pianist, Johnny Webster, during his years at Lee.

After Lee, Brian went on to perform as an actor/singer for PBS-TV, did some commercial work, appeared on theater stages and eventually ended up doing a season of Bach at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore as a tenor singer under the direction of Edward Polochick. Brian’s favorite singer of all time is Mahalia Jackson, and when he sings in church, it is quite evident, as he brings back that time when Gospel music was pure, unadulterated and sincere. People hearing Brian sing for the first time often remark that he has a unique gift from God, and Brian is quick to deflect attention from himself and say that if anyone is blessed during his performances, then his prayers have been answered, because he considers this his main ministry and calling.

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As a scholar, Brian used his degree in Theology and his intense study of ancient Hebrew and Greek to answer a question that has been left unsettled for far too long, that being whether or not the Bible condemns homosexuals. In his newly released book, Leviticus Revealed, Brian proves that the most famous passage used in anti-gay discrimination, Leviticus 18:22, does not refer to gay people at all. Furthermore, in his upcoming books in this series, Brian shows emphatically and factually that the Bible does not condemn homosexuals anywhere. While this may seem radical to some, it is really evident to anyone taking the time to study the historical truth as thoroughly as Brian has in the process of putting together these books.

Anyone who knows him will tell you that Brian is totally committed to any cause he decides is worthy of pursuit, and, as an example, he is the person solely responsible for making it possible for the Dalai Lama to come to the United States in 1978. Recognizing that the Dalai Lama needed to tell the world the story of the plight of His people in Tibet and their holocaust at the hands of the Chinese government, Brian founded the American Society for the Release of Tibet and, after two years of intense campaigning, convinced President Carter to reverse himself and allow the Dalai Lama to visit the United States. The rest is history.

Brian brings that same passion to his Gospel singing, discussions of his books and the belief that “all of God’s children” means gays as well as straights, Blacks as well as Whites, that literally, ALL are welcome in the house of Jesus.


To book Brian Gray, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


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