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Deneé Duncan Dimicelli

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Deneé Duncan Dimiceli lives in Houston, TX with her husband, T.J. and their 2 children, Thomas and Finley Kate. She is presently a homemaker and full time mother.

Deneé was raised in a Pentecostal pastor’s home. At the age of 13, her mother left and divorced her father. She later found out that her dad was gay. Deneé has begun sharing her journey and how God led her through her own self discovery to be at peace with God and with the dad she loved and admired so much. She has 2 siblings, Jennifer and Derek. All of the siblings now support and love their Dad, Rev. Randy Duncan, and his partner, Dan Wright.

Deneé feels that God is using her to help other families and family members with gay parents or relatives, as they struggle to understand and accept their loved ones for whom they really are. She believes that God can and will give the peace that is needed to be accepting of this especially in light of the way traditional religion has been so very negative and judgmental towards those who are open and honest about their (homo)sexuality. Her testimony will inspire and challenge any honest hearted seeker of truth on this subject.


To book Deneé Duncan Dimicelli, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


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