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Glenn Shadix



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Born in Birmingham Alabama in 1952, Glenn Shadix has been an actor since childhood. He began in local theater in Alabama and was cast at 21 in his first Equity production at The Alliance Theater in 1973. After a year of doing plays in Atlanta Glenn returned to Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham on a Drama scholarship in late 1974. Mr Shadix "came out" in 1969 and underwent "aversion therapy" at The University of Alabama in 1970. His parents, when he was 18, gave him the choice of "beating this thing" or essentially being exiled from his entire immediate family. He recently spoke on the subject of Aversion Therapy at The University of Alabama in Birmingham. He has remained politically active in the Fight for Gay Rights while successfully forging a career in feature film, Theater, Television , Radio and voice-over work. His film credits include co-star, main title billing in five major Studio films. Among his long list of (over thirty) film credits include “Otho” in BEETLEJICE, The Mayor Of Halloween Town in Tim Burton’s NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, PLANET OF THE APES (as Orangutan Senator Nado) Mr. Fallows in HEATHERS, Anthony Rotundo in Warren Beatty’s LOVE AFFAIR ( in which he shared main title billing with Beatty, Annette Benning and in her last film role, Katherine Hepburn. He made his film debut with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in the 1980 re-make of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. In August of 2009 he co-starred in FINDING GAUGUIN which shot on Maui and is currently in post production and an independent entitled SHUT YER DIRTY LITTLE MOUTH which won The San Francisco Independent Film Award and will sonn be released on DVD. His television credits are extensive and include guest star appearances on SIENFELD, CHEERS, GOLDEN GIRLS, ROSEANNE among dozens more. His last role in television (to date) was the recurring role of Val Templeton in HBO’S Carnivale’.

He has been active in AIDS outreach programs such as Project Angel Food since the 1980’s. Since 2004 he has worked on many projects with Birmingham AIDS Outreach, employing help from such friends in the motion picture community including Lily Tomlin, Catherine O’Hara, Michelle Phillips and many others both before and after relocating to his home in Alabama in 2006. Although no longer living in Los Angeles and New York, he remains active in his film and theatrical career as well as speaking out on Gay issues in his travels around the world. He collaborated with Tim Burton on the STAIN BOY "webisodes" and provided 90% of the voices for this still evolving project.

As a screenwriter and executive producer Glenn worked for The American Film Institutes’ Women’s Film Workshop on SUNSET TUXEDO which was directed by award winning documentary filmmaker, Rebecca Cammissa.

Today Glenn is writing, acting and has turned his main focus toward speaking out on Gay, Lesbian and Trans gender issues. He recently shared the stage with Wayne Besen , founder and president of TRUTH WINS OUT. He participated in an upcoming documentary for TRUTH WINS OUT while in NYC in November 2009. Glenn’s experiences growing up homosexual (from his earliest memory) as well as the attempts he was forced to make to try to change his basic nature have brought him to the decision to use his accomplished talents as a public speaker to tell the truth about organizations offering a "cure" for what is not disease, not a "lifestyle" but a part of the great diversity of human nature. Mr. Shadix would like to be an example of someone who has led a happy and successful life as a professional entertainer without ever hiding his true and God given nature.


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