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Ivan Amodei


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Ivan Amodei Reveals Secrets and NEW Dinner/Show Packages!

Originally from Sicily, Italy, Ivan Amodei (pronounced e-von ah-moe-day) brings the glamour and intimacy of the exclusive Hollywood “after parties” of the rich and famous to the most fashionable intersection in the world: Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd in the heart of Beverly Hills.

With countless awards under his belt from numerous respected magic organizations, including receiving the People’s Choice Award, a record SIX times, multiple nominations for Magician of the Year from the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, and conquering every realm in his field including winning top honors for his artistry and originality, you are within arms reach of this world-class entertainer. Ivan has a fruitful career entertaining the Hollywood elite notables as Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Larry David, Dick Clark, Mike Myers and even royalty.

ivan amodei photo

BroadwayWorld stated, “It’s an evening of spectacular sleight of hand made delightful by the engaging personality and uncanny skill of Ivan Amodei.” Mr. Dick Clark proclaimed, “Amazing, Fabulous and Mind Boggling!” Mrs. Kari Clark declared, "Your Italian warmth and charm really adds to the show!"

Author of the international success Magic’s Most Amazing Stories - A collection of Incredible Stories by World Famous Magicians was nominated for “Book of the Year” by ForeWord Review.

Ivan Amodei in Handcuffs

After years and years of traveling and honing his craft, Ivan has now brought his sensational show Intimate Illusions to the famed Beverly Wilshire. As an exclusive guest and audience member, you'll witness him dazzle you with the world class sleight-of-hand, fantastic illusions, mesmerizing story-telling, quick wit, charm, and legerdemain that has made him one of the most respected magicians/entertainers in the world.

Held in his luxurious, private suite (65 guests) at the vogue hotel, his remarkable show recreates his performance for the lavish celebrity after-parties, which select few, are ever invited to. Cozy, relaxed and intimate, you will feel as if your were invited to his home for a private performance. Watch him reveal Houdini’s biggest kept secret, recreate the story of William Tell with surgically sharp darts and an audience member and unleash the power of the mind of a mega-savant, just to mention a few.

Skillfully accompanied by a talented concert cellist, you’ll hear the music of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Henry Mancini, Mission Impossible and other composers and artists played live. With shows typically sold out months in advance, this ninety-minute presentation will surely leave you speechless and is guaranteed to be an incredible intimate evening of magic, mystery and illusion.

Ivan Amodei in Handcuffs
Ivan Amodei in Handcuffs

Beverly Hills Times Magazine Article
We caught up to Magician Ivan Amodei, pronounced (e-von ah-moe-day) at his photo shoot for BHT Magazine in the Royal Suite at the Beverly Wilshire. Having won countless awards, including the coveted People’s Choice Award, Ivan has had a fruitful career.

After a year of sold out performances and rave reviews, Ivan sat down with BHT Magazine to discuss the secret to his show’s success. He attributes it to intimacy, world-class artistry, a fantastic experience and most importantly—a deeper message.

Naughton: Why is your show Intimate Illusions different than other magic shows?

Amodei: This is a unique, musical and magical experience. My candle-lit luxury suite seats 65 guests. Once inside, you are in my world. Add to that incredible magic, wonderful stories, hysterical situations, and fantastic live music, it’s a sensational night out on the town. Most importantly, the show sends a genuine message—one that often touches, inspires and affects guests.

Naughton: What kind of magic do you perform in the show?

Ivan Amodei
Amodei: This is not a large illusion show. There aren’t any big boxes or sawing women in half. It’s more parlour style. My magic has unexpected twists, turns and powerful finales that leave you thinking about it far after the show has ended. There are light-hearted, dangerous, funny and mentally baffling illusions. Overall, it’s a 90-minute roller coaster ride, but an exclusive, first-class and entertaining evening from start to finish.

Naughton: Audiences are always surprised by how funny you are since you aren’t marketed that way. Is that on purpose?

Amodei: Yes! I want it to be a surprise and an added bonus. I’m not a typical comedian. I don’t set up jokes and then deliver a punch line. I create engaging situations that become very funny. I often improvise which makes each show different from the next.

Naughton: You are accompanied by renowned concert cellist, Irina Chirkova (think Yo-Yo Ma). How does having live music add to the show?

Amodei: Music creates an emotional feeling to what you are witnessing. The cello scores the show like a great movie and adds passionate musical pieces to heighten each illusion. You’ll hear Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and many other wonderful composers. It’s a great part of the show. Audiences simply love it.

Naughton: So this New Year’s Eve marks the one-year anniversary of the show at the Beverly Wilshire. Do you have anything special planned?

Amodei: Yes! From here on, it is going to be one big party after another this holiday season. I have a beautiful home for my show where I get to share my passion for performing—it just doesn’t get any better than that.


Ivan Amodei
Magic’s Most Amazing Stories -The Book
A Collection of Incredible Stories From World Famous Magicians

Nominated by ForeWord Review for book of the year for 2010 in the humor category. This book has no effects, no tricks to learn and no moves to master.

Filled with inspiring, hilarious, gripping, remarkable and shocking stories for all!?? Over 75 contributors, over 100 stories, beautifully illustrated, completely in full-color and over 250 pages of incredible stories, crazy facts, great anecdotes and fantastic tales about famous magicians of the past and present. ??

Magicians of the past and current magicians including: Houdini, Doug Henning, Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Grippo, Harry Blackstone, just to name a few.

Reports from the road, at the airport, technical problems, hecklers, lost props, fire, animal mishaps and anything else you can think of IS ALL HERE! Get an inside look to what happens to the pros while they travel and work in this exciting profession.



To book Ivan Amodei, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


Intimate Illusions Promo Video from Ivan Amodei on Vimeo.


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