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James Alexander Langteaux


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“Unless we take the time to learn what is sacred to the tribe we’re trying to reach, and until we learn to honor them and respect that thing and find a way to honor God and bridge that gap, it will take more years than necessary to communicate the greatest message that tribe will ever come to hear: In writing eternity into the hearts of all the tribes on earth God created a fragile spider web that connects all peoples to the heart of the Father God. If we are careful not to come in with bulldozer and heavy machinery of doctrines and agendas, we may be able to find that silvery strand.”

— James Alexander Langteaux

Author Spotlight

James Alexander Langteaux has worked in many forms of communication and entertainment on an international basis. After receiving his master's degree in communication at Regent University, he worked as writer, producer, and director for The 700 Club for six years. His work on the NBC miniseries A Woman Named Jackie earned him an Emmy Award nomination. In the mid-nineties Langteaux hosted a weekly, four-hour live music television show in New Zealand, where he also promoted mentoring programs for young people. Today he works in Los Angeles with Media International, which creates videos with strong moral messages for public school audiences.

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Gay Conversations with God
Straight Talk on Fanatics, Fags & the God Who Loves Us All
Written by James Alexander Langteaux
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About this Book

GAY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD is an unorthodox presentation of an outrageous love story written for God's least likely tribe - His beautiful sons and daughters who have been told over and over that they are abominable and despised. But make no mistake Gay Conversations with God is no fairytale. It's not only for gays and lesbians. It's for anyone who is sickened by the hateful, money-grubbing ChristianTM brand, "as seen on TV." It's the authentic good news that so many are dying to read.

God is madly and passionately in love with ALL of His kids - gay, straight or somewhere in between. All He asks is that you are foolish enough to believe.

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After working for many years on the 700 Club and several other Christian networks as a senior producer and host, I knew that coming out as a gay man would be suicide - financially and relationally. I begged God for more than eight years to find someone else to write this book. But after a lifetime of being tormented by my attraction to men, and my attraction to God, I finally had an epiphany.
If God hates fags, why is he so obviously in love with me?
Quite frankly, this is a crazy book. And so is God's love. I think I have finally come to a place where I truly believe this raw, honest message of God's incredible, undeniable, unconditional love for ALL of His kids. Gay Conversations with God is not shocking for sheer shock's sake. It shocks because it is a story that has been denied for so long. And it is written in the language of those who have been beaten and bloodied beyond belief by God's so-called right hand men.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. This book pulls no punches. Imagine Billy Graham meets Dr. Seuss along with just a dollop of porn and you pretty much have this book.

Oh, and it's a little like insulin. If you are a diabetic it will save you. If you aren't it will kill you. Take only as directed.


Editorial Reviews

  • "Witty, raw, poignant and profound!" -Sam Sparro, Musician
  • "James Alexander Langteaux is an incredibly gifted, poetic writer who pens words so beautifully that I'm moved to tears and impassioned to love every time I read them." -Jeremy Casper, Filmmaker
  • "Gay and Christian and think you are alone, unlovable and tossed out of the game? Be inspired and comforted by James and his God-journey." -Kathy Baldock, Canyonwalker Connections and Str8apology
  • "It makes me laugh, it makes me uncomfortable, it makes me cry- it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery and love." -James Brandon, Actor
  • "James' words are birthed in great pain, articulated through intelligence and sharp wit-the appeal goes everywhere, to everyone." -Rowland Nativel, Television Production
  • "A brave, engaging, and disarming book that page by page insults our sensibilities and peels away the reader's safe, comfortable, and secure personal perceptions, attitudes, and limits... It is an uncomfortable but spiritually rewarding journey with great and demanding insights. And trust me, you will laugh out loud." -Lisa Darden, Filmmaker. Talent Agent, Producer, and Director

  • "This book is the record of an epic search by the soul, told as a journey of discovery into the darkness of doubt and damnation. Through his words, Langteaux shows the reader that it is our faith that maintains us on this journey of shocks, doubts, questions, revelations, joy, and light. And it is this very light that leads the reader into Christ's freeing truth and the profound depth of his love for all his creation." -Larry Peck, writer and activist

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The Journey Beyond Belief
Written by James Alexander Langteaux

About this Book

James Langteaux’s God.com transformed thousands of lives with its powerful call to begin the journey called “believe.’ God.net invites readers to move beyond that first step and take a “road trip with God” into belief itself. Langteaux describes a trek filled both with amazing adventure and “deserts of the real” — painful moments that propel believers to greater depths and new insights in their walk with God. Written in Langteaux’s powerful, poetic style, God.net shows readers how to rely on the safety net of God’s Word, depend on the network of fellow believers, become better fishers of men, and enter the “rest of the story,” the peace that comes only from living beyond belief.

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Exteme Intimacy With An Interactive God
Written by James Alexander Langteaux

“God.com is a refreshing, unflinchingly honest approach to seeking our Creator. Witty, poignant, and surprising text draws today’s techno-savvy readers to God’s “home page,” where they can learn to more fully understand and communicate with Him. In these pages, author James Langteaux boldy tackles some of our toughest questions about maintaining a relationship with an invisible being-discussing God as Father, Lover, and Best Friend. God.com helps readers identify and break down walls of fear so they can allow God's love and purposes to change their lives in profound ways. It invites us all to face the piercing, unpadded truth of God’s passion for us and respond, reminding us that our maturity is at stake.”

“To be interactive and intimate with the God of the universe requires a willingness to BELIEVE. When you believe, astonishing things become a powerful part of your waking world. See where the fantastic journey of BELIEVE begins... and how it never really ends.”


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