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John Evans

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John Evans is basically a self-taught artist winning his first award in a competitive art Exhibition at age 16. This was the beginning of his artistic career which spans over 30 years. During his career he has owned and operated three galleries in California including one located in the picturesque town of Sausalito just north of San Francisco.

After moving to San Francisco in 1967, John Evans has received numerous awards for his paintings of Victorian homes. His paintings capture a special mood which surrounds these gingerbread palaces of yesterday. Many well-known personalities are collectors of his works.

Mr. Evans prefers to paint through his imagination. His paintings are a composite of things and places he has seen and remembered, whether it be a Victorian home, landscape, or any other subject matter. This is the privilege this type of artist has over the photographer or painter who is limited to capturing what they are able to see. This enables him to release interpretations which are not limited by time, space or reality. He is able to paint himself anywhere he would like to be, or create a place of his own. The paintings are often the mirror of his imagination which others often find the reflections of their own memories or fantasies. This type of art is a true expression of artic creativity.

john evans photo

John was a co-founding member of Love in Acttion in the early 70’s and his story was told in several books including Kent Philpott’s “The Third Sex”, Sylvia Penningtons, “But Lord, They’re Gay” and Wayne Besen’s book “Anything But Straight” John was also featured in the 1993 Documentary Feature film “One Nation Under God” and will be featured in Lisa Darden’s upcoming Documentary, “For Such A Time As This: Evans has been interviewed many times and has appeared on several News Magazine programs and Prime Time television shows and in numerous print articles. John’s harrowing story of survival and his gripping journey from A Christian who had claimed to be Ex-gay only to find himself unchanged after years of trying to become straight in order to be accepted by the church and to please God. After years embrioled in a caustic stuggle and tremendous loss he emerged victorious and learned to accept himself and find peace just as he believed God had made him.


To book John Evans, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


Music: “My Way Back Home” by Ron Phillips Hill

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