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Judy Gold


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Judy Gold, born in Newark, New Jersey, stands as one of today’s highest stars. Not only is she 6’3, but she is an actress, a comedienne, producer & writer, and also a mother — of her two sons Henry & Benjamin, along with her long-term partner — Sharon.

She graduated from Rutgers University in 1984, with a BA in Music. Judy had portrayed the career of desire to be a music teacher. Yet one day being basically dared to do stand-up, it changed everything, and although she may look like a hip professor with her glasses on, she is a great comedienne along with many other great positions.

She has appeared in movies such as ‘Lois Lives a Little’, to TV shows such as ‘The Drew Carey Show.’ Too she has appeared on Comedy Central with her own half-hour special, and is a frequent guest of ‘Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.’ She has done theatre work with such famous works as ‘Vagina Monologues’ to her skit of ‘G-d Doesn’t Pay Rent Here’ at the Empty Space theatre in Seattle.

Judy is also a very prestigious award winner, and she should be proud! She stands as the 1998-1999 Emmy award winner for producer of ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show’ and also won the Cable Ace Award for having the best comedy special — back in 1996. She was the recipient of the 1998 and 1999 MAC (Manhattan Association of Clubs and Cabaret) award for best major female stand up comedian.

Nonsense information: Judy plays both piano and clarinet and has admitted to being a band-geek in her school days. Her favorite color is purple, she loves NYC — where she lives, and her favorite place to travel to is Las Vegas. Most of her jokes revolve around being Jewish, and her mother. But she indeed has a wide range of humour — that we all love!

You can see her pretty much ANYWHERE around the country, but NY is a hot spot in Carolines & Gotham comedy clubs.


25 Questions for a Jewish Mother

judy gold - 25 questions book photo

Judy Gold, star of the critically acclaimed 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother, is back in this hysterical coming-of-age memoir with music about Judy’s life-long love affair with sitcoms and her professional quest to finally land a TV show of her own. But is America ready for a gay, kosher, 6’3” feminist Seinfeld with two kids, one bathroom, and weekly trips to the nursing home? And why can’t Judy get legally married in the state of New York anyway? Funny, biting, revealing, and very timely.


Jewdy, Jewdy, Jewdy

judy gold - jewdy, jewdy, jewdy photo

Her new show, “Jewdy, Jewdy, Jewdy” is playing now @ the Beechman Theatre through January 25th, 407 W. 42nd St, New York, NY. For more info: 212-695-6909


To book Judy Gold, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


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