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Julie Goldman

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Julie Goldman


julie goldman photo
julie goldman photo

Curve Magazine Feature Article

Julie is a cast member of LOGO’s BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW and winner of the 2008 NEWNOWNEXT — Brink of Fame Comic Award, and the 2007 MAC Awar for Best Headlining Comedian in NYC. Julie glides effortlessly between lesbian folk singer “Pepper Stein Whalesong” to the beloved Liza Minelli in the now infamous “Super Liza” Series. Julie has been garnering massive attention around the country performing stand up in clubs, and colleges and headlining various shows and working beside Sarah Silverman, Lewis Black, and Jeff Garlin. She has performed at  Montreal’s prestigious, “Just for Laughs” comedy festival, and on Broadway in “Laughing Liberally”.   She is favorite on  Olivia cruises and R’ Family Vacations and has appeared doing stand up on LOGO, VH-1, and COMEDY CENTRAL. Currently Julie is working with BRANDY HOWARD (Automatic) on their new Lesbian Romantic Comedy, “NICEST THING”.

Julie and Brandy were recently hired to write for E! Entertainment TV's Fashion Police with Joan River's, Giuliana Rancic, George Kotsiopolous and Kelly Osbourne.

Goldman has been generating tremendous excitement around the country with appearances on such TV shows as Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show (seasons one, two and three), Showtime’s Pride Comedy Jam (Includes List of next Airings thru October 2011 ), and the second season of RuPaul's Drag U in the summer of 2011 (Episode 3, Season 2: Lesbian’s Gone Wild- Sneak Peek 1). She has been amassing legions of ardent fans through headlining at clubs, colleges, festivals and cruises. A frequent guest on Jonny McGovern's weekly podcast, Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern

A Little Bit Comedy, a Little Bit Rock and Roll

julie goldman photo

“Kick-Ass Comedian” NY Press, Julie Goldman will be appearing on television AGAIN co-starring in her 3rd season of MTV Networks LOGO’s BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW where she is an ensemble memeber of the first ever gay sketch comedy show.

Goldman is: “a master of irreverent cultural criticism. She will have you roaring so hard that you reach the edge of tears and beyond. Call it feminist or Lesbian humor if you want, but the great thing about Goldman is she transcends all those terms and shows us that we're all in this together. She is an absolute Must See!”

Julie also appears on COMEDY CENTRAL with her featured stand-up LIVE AT GOTHAM and online in LEWIS BLACK’s ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

An award winning comedian, Julie won the 2007 MAC award for Headlining Comedian in NYC, and in 2008 won the NEW NOW NEXT AWARD for Brink of Fame Comic.

We are super excitant to present the world premiere of the Autio/Video Original Webseries starring famous celesbian comedian of life and star of Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show Julie Goldman and phenomenally good-looking actress Brandy Howard, "Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office"! Remember the preview? Wasn’t that awesome? Well now the first episode is here, edited by ME, Riese (Marie Bernard), with help from Autio/Video assistant visionary Kelsey Lisette.This week, Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard go to see James Cameron’s Avatar. They share all their feelings about it, and then they re-enact the film for you! Their three-minute "Gayvatar" is way better than the real thing! You will probs ROFL 10-27 times.Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are the Matt and Ben of Lesbian Movies. They are a sensational acting/writing duo that are trying to cause a sensation with their sensational, lesbian romantic-comedy, Nicest Thing.

Julie & Brandy & Jane Lynch

You can see Julie in film and video all over the place.  She co-starred in BIG DREAMS IN LITTLE HOPE which is currently being distributed by Wolfe Video.  She also appears in OUT AT THE WEDDING, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIS NAME IS COSMO, BUTCH IN THE CITY and COMMITMENT CEREMONY which are all playing in either film festivals, youtube, video distribution or someone’s personal handheld device.

Julie’s a campus fav for Women’s History Month, and LGBT Awareness Weeks, and can somehow command an outdoor stage with 10,000 pairs of eyes that came to cruise, riveted to her! Julie blew the audience away as emcee at 2004’s historic Boston Pride, following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

MBLGTACC ’09, the largest queer youth conference in the US at IU-Bloomington on 2/13. We expect cardiac, but hope for, only urinary emergencies.

Julie Goldman Jonny McGovern


Jonny and Julie photo

Julie and Jonny can be booked separately or together.

Ask about special rates to book Julie and Jonny together.


Julie Hits the Top 20!

#13. Julie Goldman — Comedian of the Year

Auto Straddle Icons of 2009: The Future is Bright For Our ’09 Favorites

julie goldman photo

If Julie Goldman doesn’t make you pee in your pants laughing, you probably aren’t drinking the doctor-recommended 8 glasses of water a day. We interviewed her in May after she’d finished filming the third season of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show and caught up with her later on in LA, where she’s been doing stand-up and working on her romantic comedy The Nicest Thing with her mega-cute writing partner, Brandy Howard. They also have a little bloggity blog called “It’s Not Gay, It’s Fashion,” which is required reading.

2010: We actually can’t tell you what she’s doing in 2010, because it’s going to be a BIG SURPRISE …but we do want you to be ready. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready…


To book Julie Goldman, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


JULIE GOLDMAN STAND UP MASH UP from Julie Goldman on Vimeo.

Selections from Julie's performance at THE WELLS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, 2011.

JULIE GOLDMAN TID BITS from Julie Goldman on Vimeo


JANE LYNCH and JULIE GOLDMAN sing at THE DO SOMETHING AWARDS from Julie Goldman on Vimeo.




In Your Box Office - Julie and Brandy: DO SOMETHING AWARDS - Avatar

In Your Box Office - Julie and Brandy: DO SOMETHING AWARDS - Sex in the City 2

Commitment Ceremony

BUTCH BRA. from Julie Goldman on Vimeo.

VICTORIA'S SECRET from Julie Goldman on Vimeo.


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