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“Working with Lisa Darden and HUP talent has given me so much hope that we are on the brink of crashing through any limits or roadblocks I had been feeling up till now with my career. Lisa really makes me feel that anything is possible and with her determination, professionalism, and unstoppable support in her company and her artists she represents, HUP T&B and Lisa D are an incredible force – that I love being a part of!”

— Julie Goldman, Comedienne


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Darden for the last few years. I appreciate her understanding of our music and media driven culture, but I respect her desire to make a difference in that culture even more.

Lisa is one of the most positive people I have ever met.

— Ray Boltz


“Lisa is extremely dedicated to the task at hand! She possesses an undying spirit to help others in whatever ways she can and is willing to put in the long hours to enable her clients to achieve their dreams and goals. I look forward to continue using Lisa and HUP talent and booking agency to generate more business for my company!”

— Sonia Chase, Former WNBA Player, Entreprenuer


“Full of energy and dynamism, Lisa Darden is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. She does not know the meaning of ‘quit’ and has the skills to deliver. Lisa is a joy to work with and I am honored to have her in my corner. There is no doubt that with Lisa on your side, good things are going to happen.”

— Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, Author/Activist/Speaker


“Working with Lisa Darden is a life changing endeavor. Her straight forward honest style is refreshing and at the same time she challenges the status quo of culture and spiritual beliefs. She is passionate about what she believes but she is also passionate about allowing me to think differently. She flows with encouragement but is certainly not disingenuous about her compliments. She lets me know what she really thinks even if it may not be where I am at the time. I know where I stand with Lisa and this brings forth a level of confidence and comfort.”

— John J. Smid, Speaker/ Former President of Love in Action, Executive Director of Grace Rivers


“After enduring countless disappointments from creative professionals who tend to over-promise and grossly under-deliver, I cannot begin to express the overwhelming joy and deep gratitude I have for Lisa Darden & Larry Peck for their stellar work. Not only did she take the time to fully immerse herself in my project so that she could attack it with a thorough understanding – but she was impeccable in her communication – letting me know where we were in the process and what I could expect at all times. The only thing for which she didn’t prepare me — was the elation I would feel upon reviewing the finished product. It was beyond anything I could have dreamed. And though we hit a few speed bumps in the first round (as do most projects), Lisa was the quintessential professional. Her emotions were never at play in her responses, and she only used the challenges to propel her into greater levels of success – leaving me speechless in the end. If you are looking for an exquisite bridge between the worlds of creativity and business, there is none better than Lisa Darden.”

— James Alexander Langteaux, Author/Speaker and Producer at Inspiration Network


“Lisa Darden has been in my life fewer than five years and it is difficult to imagine my life without her. She is a fount of positivity and encouragement and a loyal, trustworthy friend. A thorough professional with vision and tenacity and certainly no fear of work or of tackling any situation, she works always toward the most beneficial and rewarding result. Her goals are always to develop and to consummate a ‘win-win’ solution for all the involved parties and she succeeds! You have two choices with Lisa, get on the team or get out of the way. You can count me on her team anytime!”

— Larry Peck, Business Consultant & Independent Contractor for HUP Talent and Booking Agency


“Lisa — We know something is up with this! You rock, you dream and you work your butt off! With those traits alone, you are sure for success. Let’s hold on and enjoy the ride!!!”

— Jason & DeMarco, Recording Artists


“HiTPLAY is So excited to have HUP Talent and Booking on our team! We know without a doubt that Lisa and HUP is behind us 100% and that there are Amazing things in store for our future together!”



“I love working with Lisa Darden because she is passionate, aggressive, and smart. I have full confidence in her ability to further one’s career while promoting a message of hope and love.”

— Azariah Southworth, Speaker/Remix TV Show Host


“I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa Darden and I am a huge fan. Not only is she one of my new favorite people, but she challenges me to pursue God and to love in a new way. She is incredibly talented and I expect great things from HUP Talent and Booking. Lisa is for artists and speakers what whip cream is for a fresh key lime pie. Let’s just say she knows people. And its good to know people who know people. And Lisa is good people.”

— Lindsey Kane, Christian Recording Artist


“From the moment I met Lisa, her passion to see me succeed was very evident. As I got to know her, her professionalism and connectedness assured me she would be a valuable asset for my team. And I haven't looked back! Thanks Lisa!”

— Matthew David, Recording Artist


“It is great to have Lisa on my team! I am completely excited about what is on the horizon. She brings great stuff to the table.”

— Jonas, Recording Artist


“Giving my best on the stage is only possible when all of the parts that got me there have been handled well. That’s why I’ve made the decision to surround myself with the most talented and well equipped professionals possible. That was also my reason for partnering with Lisa Darden and HUP Talent and Booking Agency. I’ve learned through the years what a good agent can do for a career. I’ve also learned the value of trust and confidence between me as the artist and the agent as my representative. I’m more than pleased with the fantastic results I’m enjoying with HUP. It’s good to know my career is in such capable and thoughtful hands.”

— Kenny Bishop, Recording Artist


“Lisa – Thank you so much... I’m lovin what Im hearin :) I cant wait to see whats in store for us!”

— Taylor Warren, Recording Artist


“In all my years of working with people at every level I put Lisa Darden at the top. Lisa’s work ethic is of the highest quality. She gets the job done in an honest and timely manner. Over the years I have seen her giving 100 percent and it shows in her work. Most of all she is a woman of her word and worth, which goes a long way in my book.”

— Rev. Jerry Stephenson, Th.D. Ph.D., Author/Speaker


“Lisa is a total and complete delight to work with... the perfect balance between personal, professional, fair and FUN!”

— Tam Martin, Agent,


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