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Lindsey Kane


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Lindsey Kane Ministries exists to bring glory to God and passion to people.

disclaimer: normally i really dislike writing about myself, because it seems so “all about me” — but for the purposes of informing website visitors who are interested in knowing about LKM, i’ve included a bio and a personal note.

“Until you have given up your self to Him you will not have a real self...”

Lindsey Kane has learned this reality and taken it to heart. As you listen to the words of her songs, it is amazing how many of them might just relate to seasons of your own life. She is a gifted song writer, worship leader, singer and musician who has a knack for getting straight to the heart of the matter in an engaging and compelling way.

Lindsey loves life and she loves people. God has placed in her heart a desire to make others feel special and loved by God. One of the ways she has done that was through her “Measure of Beauty” campaign. God gave her the words and music to this song in college and she has had the privilege of sharing it with thousands of people as God has opened the door through different venues to share His words for true beauty. Lindsey says, “The reason I am so passionate about this is because I know what it’s like to struggle throughout the day and doubt who you have been created to be. I pray that God will remind you that He has formed you in His image.” The words from the song “Measure of Beauty” are directly from scripture — Psalm 45:11, Psalm 139:14, and Song of Solomon 4:7 — and so Lindsey is absolutely confident of the message God has for his children, especially Daddy’s little girls.

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Lindsey’s sound and overall ministry is unique and Christ-centered. It is a mixture of soft intimate vocals on the piano and gritty raw vocals on the guitar with an acoustic pop/rock feel. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. While watching her live, whether she is leading worship or sharing original music, you are captivated by the purity of her heart and her boldness to speak truth as she communicates with authenticity. Her humor wraps it all together in a package that engages the audience and helps them to feel like they are a part of every song. The wisdom she shares is beyond her 27 years — she is incredibly anointed. Of the songs she writes, Lindsey says, “God inspires all of my music and I believe that He gives me all the songs. I love traveling all across the United States with the message of bringing glory to God and passion to people. I think we were created to bring glory to God, so I’m trying to do that through music.”

Lindsey Kane’s goal is to bring glory to God and passion to people specifically through ministry events, leading worship, and speaking at all different kinds of events across the country and even the world. She hopes to challenge worshippers to worship in Spirit and in Truth, as God desires. Lindsey says, “God has given me a deep passion to lead people in worship to His throneroom, past the outer courts and into the Holy of Holies. He is there waiting for His children to lift their voices to Him in authentic worship.”


To book Lindsey Kane, please contact Lisa Darden at or call 240-446-1554.


He Knows

Measure of Beauty


Music: “Measure of Beauty” by Lindsey Kane

Music: “You’ll Be Whole” by Lindsey Kane

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